Herbal Medications

At Vehlal Ashram as well as on the bank of Narmada, an unique preparation of Divya Medicine is being carried out through Innovation and ancient Ayurvedic heritage. These medicine preparation involves use of organic fertilizer, continuous chanting of Mantra as well as rare plants. The continuous chanting of Mantra enables them with the power and blessing of almighty.

Some common but very useful plants involve

Jawara: This is known as green blood as it's chemical compound resembles 90% of the human blood compounds.

Suvarna Vasant Malti: This medicine acts as a vitamin suppliment.

Cancer: The antica capsule helps in various cancer treatment.

Diabetes: The NDD capsule activates pancreas and produce needful insulin.

Yuva Capsule: It helps out young generation in curing acne.

DivyaPras: The divyapras is multi-purpose vitamin for all ages.

Slim: The slim medicine helps in weight reduction.

Malaria: The MLR capsules has 90% preventive feature, so it helps in curing malaria.

Allergen: The medicine helps out in curing seasonal allergy.

Pittahar: The medicine is very effective in reducing acid reflux.

All of the above medications are made from natural herbs using Ayurvedic methods. As a result, these medicines don't have the side-effect one observes with allopathic medicine.



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