Research at Divyajyot

Research Objective: To provide efficient alternative Ayurvedic herbal treatments for all major diseases patients, who have lost hopes from traditional medical treatments. Research Projects include

Tissue Culture Study:
Involves identification and evaluation of specific herbs to be useful in treatment of cancer and other life threatening diseases with help of volunteers-botanists, scientists and Aurvedic doctors. Out of all herbs studied, DARF is concentrating on Citrus medica, Clerodendron phlomidis L. and Bacopa monnieri. Tissue culture study is possible with help of Department of Botany of Gujarat University.
Herbal Preparation and Combinations:
Preparation of combination of newly researched herbs specific to Cancer, Kidney Diseases, Coronary Diseases, Diabetes and other life threatening diseases based on “Nadi-pariksha” & “Prakriti Dosh” of various patients.
Herbotherapy treatment during Radiation and Chemo Therapy: Herbotherapy has proved pious blessings for patients suffering from toxic side effects of various cancer treatments. Various combinations of CP Kaikpar , KR Bhasma, fresh coriander juices, are some of successful Herbotherapy treatments. Herbotherapy has also proved effective against non healing ulcers, Fissure, scars, tumors, all type of pain, sprain & strain, stiffness and all types of chronic infectious diseases.
Panchkarma Therapy:
Divyajyot Ayurvedic Foundation is equipped with sophisticated, hygienic, high-tech and automated panchkarma equipment in panchkarma theater. DARF performs all recently popular panchkarma like Shirodhara, Kati Basti, Urobasti, Pizichil, Shashtishali pind swedan etc…
Additionally following combinations of Panchkarma therapy are studied as detoxifying procedure for cancer patients.
  1. Basti: for colorectal cancer and liver cancer
  2. Virechan: For liver cancer, urinary bladder cancer, lung cancer, oesophageal and gastric cancer.
  3. Virechan and Basti: for total dysphasia and H&N cancer.
  4. Virechan and Raktamokshan: for liver cancer.
  5. Agnikarma: for NHL and throat and neck cancer
  6. Mantra Basti: as pain killer in Anal cancer.
  7. Uttar Basti: for cervical and ovarian cancer
  8. Nasya: for nasopharyngeal, brain and eye ball cancer
  9. Kaval Graha: for all Orapharyngeal cancers.
Spiritual healing Therapy:
DARF has been successfully performing various spiritual healing programs:
  • Chanting of Mantra
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Pranayam
  • Kutipravesh- Ancient method of Rushi-Munis
  • Feeling of diseases free status by special method of Yoga
  • Body-mindless peaceful experience for speedy recovery from diseases.
Herbal Juice Therapy:
Wheat Grass Juice: The DARF provides specially-researched, herbal medicated fertilized wheat grass, which gives excellent benefits to various patients. Tender wheat grass is used as food and medicine all over the world. Fresh Wheat Grass is full of natural vitamins, mineral chlorophyll and enzymes and life energy.

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