Divyajyot Foundation sponsors multiple events including Satsang, Camps (Ayurvedic, Medical and Spiritual) as well as Aadhyatmic Shibir in India, UK and USA. These events are open for each and everyone without bias of cast or religion they follow. As general purpose is to serve humanity, visitor to each of these events need to follow simple code of conduct.

There are following categories of event carried out by volunteers.

  • Tele Satsang: The satsang format is to go thru. readings from Shri Yogvashist Maharamayan and open up question/answer session for everyone to discuss how it assimilates with daily life.
  • Scheduled Satsang: In this form, devotees meet on one Sunday of the month to listen to Param Pujya Shri Shri Maa's video CD. We begin with mantra chanting and end the event with Aarti. The event follows by Maha Prasad.
  • Camp: Divyajyot Foundation sponsors different type of camps including Ayurvedic, Medical, Eye, Spiritual, Meditation and Kids. Each of these camps are free of charge.
  • Shibir: Every year, in India the shibir happens during Diwali festival. In USA, the foundation also facilitates Shibir at least once during visit from Param Pujya Shri Shri Maa.

As each of these events are run by volunteers for the purpose of either meditation, learn or to serve humanity, one needs to be sensitive to the needs of the Devotees; therefore please act respectfully and follow the few traditional and customary rules.

We trust new and old Devotees have come for a period of quiet study, reflection, and meditation only. Please find alternative places for sight-seeing, meeting relatives and friends, or transacting other personal business.

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