Glance at Activities

Divyajyot Foundation's mission is to offer selfless service of humanity by spiritual upliftment of mankind, treatment of ailments through Ayurveda and helping the needy. Divyajyot Foundation helps human beings realize their True meaning and potential in life by striving to maintain a healthy body through Ayurveda, and Spirituality to attain the ultimate human goal i.e Moksha. This institute helps the needy in various ways like ‘providing financial help’, ‘facilitating students with their education needs’, ‘addressing discrimination in all its forms’, ‘free of cost or subsidized treatment to patients who have financial constraints’, ‘Research work done on many challenging diseases like Cancer, kidney diseases, heart diseases etc through Ayurveda'.

The above charter leads to key activities such as

Herbal Medications: At Vehlal Ashram and on the bank of Narmada, using an unique preparation plantation is being carried out. These plants are directly used in the medicine preparation together with continuous chanting of Mantra. These medications are used in daily treatment for patients suffering from various diseases.

Rural Development: The foundation has been actively involved in rural development since early 1970s. The involvement is through offering help to victims of natural disasters, sponsorship of marriages for needy people, adoption of cows. In addition, it also distributes food and other necessary items to people who are in urgent need.

Self-Realization: According to Param Pujya Shree Shree Maa, one's goal should be "Self-Realization". By using easily available instruments such as "Satsang (Spiritual Lecture)", "Bhajan-Kirtan (Prayers)" or "Meditation (Yoga)" one can dive deep within self to find the way towards self-realization.

Education: Divyajyot Ayurvedic Research Foundation is the registered trust and authorities to conduct Ayurveda, Humanitarian and such type of other activities in India. The foundation offers free education to children, free spiritual education as well as ayurvedic education at reasonable cost.

Shibir: The foundation organizes multiple shibirs throughout India and abroad with the purpose to spread spiritual education as well as help one understand and experience the mysteries of the journey to Nirvana.

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