Divyajyot Sites

Divyajyot Foundation carries out several activities including Ayruvedic, Spiritual and Relief efforts across the world via their centers. These centers are run by volunteers and devotees under the guidence of Shri Shri Maa Anantannd tirth.

Shree Shree Maa AnantAnand Ashram: This ashram is located in Vehlal a small, beautiful village near Ahmedabad in Gujarat. The ashram consists of Pardeshwar temple, Gaushala, Annapurna Mandir and Satsang Hall. The Pardeshwar temple is unique unparalleled and excellent in the entire universe.

Herbal Plantation seva on Bank of River Narmada: The site is dedicated to the herbal plantation, which then to be transferred to Vehlal for medicine preparation and distribution to patients.

Mount Abu center for meditation and Satsang: The center is located in the mountains of Abu, which is symbolic gesture of peace and harmony. Here, devotees visit from throught the world for meditation and satsang.

Ayurvedic Hospital at Paldi: The ayurvedic hospital located in Ahmedabad treats patients with different diseases including Cancer, Heart, Kidney and Liver disease. So far, the location has treated over 100,000 plus patients since it's opening.

Center at New Jersey: The center is mainly active during param pujya Maa's visit to USA. In this center, people take advantage of free teachings of Yoga, Meditations and Pranayam. Also, daily adhyatmic satsangs are carried out during Param Pujya Maa's visit.

Each and every Divyajyot sites are open to general public without any restrictions by religion or cast. These sites serve different purposes with key motive to serve community by fighting diseases using ayurvedic medications, spiritual therapy, meditation or by satsang.

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