‘Anant Dham’ Ashram(hermitage) is located on the outskirts of Ahmedabad city in Vahelal village.  Its surrounded by the natural beauty of trees and lush green crop fields.   

The ashram’s gate is beautifully decorated with  Omkaar(Aum) symbols which then leads into the Pious and Holy land of this Ashram.  Inside the Ashram one is surrounded by the sweet chirping of birds, sounds and sight of  peacocks, beautiful Trees, flowers and the Divine sight of  the of Pardeshwar Mahadev(Mercury Shivling) Temple.




At Anant Dham temple all Hindu festivals like Maha Shivratri, Jamashtami, Gurupurnima, Diwali etc… are celebrated with full devotion.  Puja and Arti is performed twice (morning and evening) daily at the Temple.    


The daily Satsang is held in main hall, where devotees gather for lecture by Shri Shri Param Pujya Maa. Shibirs(Spiritual camps) are held here every year for the spiritual upliftment of devotees.  This involves Meditation, Spiritual discourses, Mantra chanting, Bhajans, Questions & Answers etc. 

 The spiritual lectures cover broad array of topics including Self-Realization, Bhakti, Gyan and Karma yoga as well as "How to live without stress?".



At the Ashram, Gau Seva (Service of holy cows) is performed in the and fed healthy food daily.  Cows are also milked here and this milk is used at the Annapurna bhavan (Ashram’s Kitchen) daily.  


At Annapurna bhavan, Prasad (lunch & dinner) is prepared and served free to all the residents, devotees or visitors who visit the Ashram.  Milk items like butter milk, curd/yogurt & ghee are prepared along with cleaning & storing of food grains that are cultivated in Ashram.

Farming of crops and medicinal herbs is also done at the Ashram.  The crops grown here are used at the Annapurna Bhavan. 





The substances produced from the Abhishek (offering) performed for Pardeshwar Mahadevji along with the medicinal herbs are used at the Research laboratory along with constant Mantra chanting to produce various unique medicines for Cancer and other diseases/illnesses.  These medicines are packaged and made available at the Pharmacy store in the Ashram and at the Ayurvedic hospital at Paldi in Ahmedabad. 

Several furnished residential accommodations are maintained and provided free of cost to the devotees desirous of staying at the Ashram for their spiritual upliftment.




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