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Divyajyot Ayurvedic Foundation, Vehlal has a wide range of activities ranging from Publication, Press, Magazine, Ayurvedic Hospital, Book store, Temple, Herbal Medicine Research Lab, Library etc. If you wish to volunteer your services or time, please visit the Vehlal Ashram or Ayurvedic Hospital at Paldi, Ahmedabad and get in touch with the Office. 

Param Pujya Shri Shri Maa strongly recommends use of "Satsang" as a media to involve others. Satsang generally covers broad array of topics which center around the theme of "Self Realization". In order to attain self-realization one should answer "Who am I"?, "Where I am coming from"? and "Where I will be going"?. This is an attempt to have Satsang, or to interact with seekers and devotees of Sri Shri Param Pujya Maa throughout the world through various means, like: direct communication, local satsangs, and shibirs.

Satsang allows for like minded devotees, living in close proximity of each other, to get together, reflect and practice Sri Shri Param Pujya Maa's teachings and participate in local functions to celebrate various Utsavs and special events. 

Bhakti-yoga, Jnana-yoga, Raja-yoga and Karma-yoga (in other words, the path of devotion, the path of philosophical inquiry, the path of meditation, and the path of right action), all form the recognized Sadhanas of the Order. But work has special importance, because according to the rules laid down by Shri Shri Pujya Maa, every member, whatever his predilections, must do some work in the service of Dardi Narayana (Bhagwan). Work cannot therefore be avoided in the name of pseudo-spirituality, and those who are of that mentality will find themselves misfits in the Order.
An organization, like a State, however, requires not only geniuses but also ordinary folks, not only leaders but also followers. In the Order of Shri Shri Param Pujya Maa all are therefore welcome, talented and highly qualified persons as also those who are not extraordinary, provided that they are attracted by the idea of living a life of renunciation and service. Renunciation implies the eschewal of personal ambitions, family relations, possessions, luxury and sex. An individual can practice renunciation only if the urges mentioned before find fulfillment in the higher satisfaction which devotional life offers.
Service implies the dedication of one’s energies and capacities to the works of the Order conceiving it as a symbol of Shri Shri Param Pujya Maa. Spiritual talents are therefore more important than worldly abilities, but by the very nature and object of the Order a harmonious combination of both is the ideal.
Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Divyjyot Foundation Inc.

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