Param Pujya Babaji

Founder of the Divyajyot Ayurvedic Cancer Research Foundation

 Gifted with the valuable company  of great saints and born with innate qualities to understand spiritualism, Param Pujya 1008 Girnari Maharaj practiced various arts of religious activities to uplift mankind such as "Yoga", "Meditation", "Ayurveda" and "Self-Realization".  Shree Param Pujya Girnari Maharaj served humanity and spread faith and knowledge to those who desperately needed it. He served mankind till the age of 108 years and finally left his body for heavenly abode in year 1980.

He had in-depth knowledge about Ayurvedic medicines and treatment. He practiced Ayurvedic treatments to cure diseases such as Cancer, Kidney diseases, etc... in Junagadh, Gujarat, India in early 1900s. His Moto was "Service to humanity is service to God" from the beginning. He was not one of those who are regarded merely as Saint or pious men. Though he practiced the methods of established religions, he never restricted himself to any one. Ordinarily we find that saints are adepts in one particular sadhana. For this reason, whoever became a Sadhu or saint following the sadhana prescribed by any particular sect, made his disciples also follow the same path. He also insisted that, to find the same soul in everyone.

Shree Shree Param Pujya Maa Anantanand Tirth, influenced by the highly pure and immeasurable knowledge of Param Pujya 1008 Girnari Maharaj, followed his teachings. In the long run, she decided to give up her life in the service of humanity. Param Pujya Girnari Maharaj endowed his knowledge about Ayurveda and Spiritualism enriching Shree Shree Maa's knowledge.





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