Our Mission

“Selfless service of Humanity by Spiritual upliftment of mankind, treatment of ailments through Ayurveda and helping the needy. ”

DivyaJyot means Divine Light.  This foundation carries the meaning of its name into its activities.  Under the divine guidance of  “ Param Pujya Shree Shree Maa Anantanand Tirthji” Divyajyot Foundation, provides Spiritual Upliftment of human beings desirous of Self Realization (mumukshu jan) and provides selfless Service to patients with the motto of ‘Service to Humanity is Service to God’.

Divyajyot Foundation helps human beings realize their True meaning and potential in life by striving to maintain a healthy body through Ayurveda, and Spirituality to attain the ultimate human goal i.e Moksha.  This institute helps the needy in various ways like   ‘providing financial help’,  ‘facilitating students with their education needs’, ‘addressing discrimination in all its forms’,  ‘free of cost or subsidized treatment to patients who have financial constraints’,  ‘Research work done on many challenging diseases like Cancer, kidney diseases, heart diseases etc through Ayurveda.’,  ‘Arrange marriages orphaned or financially strained girls by providing jewellery,  household items etc during marriage. ’ ,  ‘Service to holy cows through Shree Maa’s care and Omkar chanting’. Divyajyot Foundation’s mission is orchestrated by many selfless and devoted volunteers under the divine guidance of  Shree Maa.

Divyajyot Foundation in USA provides all its support to the foundation in India and also helps needy people around the world.  It also facilitates major events organized in the US like Spiritual Camps (Adhyatmik Shibir),  Spiritual discourses(Satsangs), Ayurvedic consultations, camps etc under Shree Maa’s guidance.


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