Divyajyot Foundation was founded in 1978 by Shree Param Pujya 1008 Girnari Maharaj as a Trust to help alleviate sufferings of mankind. This was founded to help especially in the realms of Spirituality and Ayurveda to bring completeness of health for the mind and body. Over the years, Divyajyot has adapted to meet changing human needs with the principle of "Service to humanity is service to God".

In the 1980s, we pioneered primary health care programs and served more than 200,000+ patients suffering from fatal and incurable diseases. In the 1990s, we expanded abroad. In addition, we responded to massive famines in saline soil reclamation, which integrated environmentally sound tree and land management practices with farming programs. So far over 25,000 Cancer patients have been treated from every single State in India and also overseas with extremely encouraging results. Out of 25,000 cancer patients approx. 5000 patients received new life with the medicine. Currently every year close to 100,000 patients are being treated for various illnesses.

Today our staff of over 150, most of whom are citizens of the countries in which we work, delivers a "Message of Dardi Narayan" that encompasses programs in emergency relief and rehabilitation; education; health and population which includes maternal and child health, reproductive health and water and sanitation; and income which includes small economic activity development, agriculture and community development and the environment.




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